• We plant a trees

    *We plant a tree for every product sold for most of our products. We do this to offset our customers climate footprint (and ours). 1 tree offsets 20kg Co2 from our atmosphere. Our goods have 0.20kg climate footprint per pack. You can see how we measure here. This means we offset 100 times our actual impact

  • We remove ocean-bound plastic

    Until a suitable alternative is found to stop using plastic in our packaging, we more than offset our usage by removing ocean bound plastic from our waters. 

    The weight used in our packaging for  our 50g bags is approximately 3g and for our 100g share bags it is 5g. To offset this we remove plastic bottles from oceans and each bottle offsets 20kg. 

  • Creating green jobs

    We work with organisations to train and develop legacy programmes designed to create sustainable green jobs with purpose for impoverished communities. The more green jobs we create the more net positive projects we can create globally.

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